A brief look at Back to Wall toilets

Toilets that are modern, not close coupled with hidden flush mechanism are back to wall toilets. This means that unlike most modern toilets they are not coupled or wall hung. In these types of modern toilets the flush mechanism is concealed and cannot be seen. The user of the toilet only sits on the toilet pan and not on the mechanism controlling the flush. Instead of the flush mechanism to lean on, the user leans on the wall or other vanity unit.

These types of toilets come in varying designs. Starting from the classic D-shape to the newer curve shape. The materials that make up this toilet is usually ceramic with a plastic toilet seat. The model of the toilet and the quality the model uses defines the overall quality and the durability of the toilet. So it is important that a buyer considers every option before making the final purchase. This article is here to decide if back to wall toilets are the right option for you.

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Price of back to wall toilets

A general look in the market and you will know that back to wall toilets are expensive than other kinds of toilet available. This high price is credit to its new and unique design and the overall quality of the product.

There are back to wall toilets for various price ranges, same as buying any other kind of toilet. How much you spend should depend on your priority. When buying any toilet a homeowner should know that the toilet will be used many times a day and the toilet should be made of quality mater that can withstand such use. Getting greedy for a few hundred bucks can cause future problems. Remember, good quality toilet means good quality ceramic.


Buying back to wall toilets have two kinds of aspects to them, a size aspect and a luxury aspect.


Homeowners that are looking for a small sized toilet that doesn’t take much space and make your bathroom look cramped then a small sized back to wall toilet is the perfect option for them. This type of design or model is called the short projection model.


The luxurious aspect is more expensive than the size aspect because of the additional touches. Soft toilet seats, brand and ceramic molding are the luxurious touches that you can get with back to wall toilet if you are not only searching for a small sized toilets.