Backsplash your tiles for the unique look

Upgrading your kitchen can be quite the task, and the expenses often shoot up unexpectedly as you discover more and more things which need to be changed. However, you do not always need to spend an exorbitant amount on it, for there are quite a few ways by which you can remodel your kitchen to give it a refreshing look without spending too much. One of this is tiling a backsplash, which you can get done for as little as $5 for one square foot. And if that wasn’t god enough, you can also switch out a backsplash without having to move your appliances or cabinetry, and you also get a lot of variety in terms of patterns, choices and materials.

Creating a focus

Backsplash Ideas - 1

If you are splurging out more on getting expensive tiles, then use them only above the stove, and get affordable tiles for the rest of the kitchen. Create a focal point near the cooking areas is what you are trying to do here. Or if you are planning on using the same tiles all over the room, then using a different pattern or color around the cooking areas is what you could do.


Backsplash Ideas - 2

To save some money, you can use expensive handmade ceramic or glass tiles as an accent for the backsplash of affordable tiles. This will give you a memorable look, but only a fraction of the cost which you’d otherwise be spending. For instance, a 6 by 6 inch flower ceramic tile as an accent for solid colored tiles would only cost you around $50 per piece.

Visual Enlargement

If you wrap the backsplash around the entire room, you get what is called as a visual continuity, which helps a small space seem larger than it really is. Aria, made of white-translucent crystal marble, infused with lilac and gray, black and deep purple is what can be used for the job. It comes in 3 sizes, starting about $15 per square foot.
Contrast and Complement

The same color for all the tiles in your kitchen can become quite an expensive purchase for you, especially when you’re mixing in custom made accent tiles. In order to save a significant amount of money and to also make it visually interesting, you can use complementary colors instead. Not only will they be significantly cheaper, but would also give you a better look instead of a monotonous one that you’d get by the same colors.
Creating the perfect kitchen is all about patience and a bit of work- keep checking out this space for some more backsplash ideas!