Backsplash Kitchen Tile in my Kitchen

How I got the Idea?

I was browsing through certain pictures of kitchens on the web when I came across an exquisitely designed tile background of a kitchen where the contrast of the wall complemented the looks of the kitchen and the complete picture was fantastic. Then I decided I had to get a backsplash kitchen tile for my kitchen as well. So I started on.


Choosing the Background Color

When I started I looked around my kitchen and checked what shape it was in. It was a conventional double file kitchen with two walls standing opposite each other with stove and sink on one side and the cabinets on the other side. The cabinets were black enameled and were quite elegant looking given their age. Then i looked at the side of sink and the stove. The color wasn’t too great in the background and I decided the tile would go in there and I went out in the market to buy me the perfect Backsplash Kitchen Tile for my kitchen. I had decided that a tile with a brownish tinge will give the necessary contrast to the kitchen and will be a great combination with the black cabinets.

Backsplash Kitchen Tile - 2

At the Market

At the Market I looked up at the various shops dealing with the backsplash kitchen tiles available and checked for their prices. The prices were on a higher side, around 70-80 $ and as much I knew that good tile package can come at around 50 $ so I wasn’t impressed. So I decided to do an online check as well. I went home and checked the web and looked at various sites dealing with backsplash tiles. The prices were cheap but color range wasn’t impressive. So i decided to go to the market once more and speak with a shop who were offering reasonable price for the tiles and had an impressive range.

The Purchase

Finally I went to the shop and bought the tile which I had chosen beforehand and after negotiating the price got it around 55 $. After I got it I called one of my relatives who was an interior designer and a professional for fitting such tiles. He came immediately and fixed up the tile and when I looked up at the kitchen it was much livelier and wasn’t any less compared to the pictures I had seen on the web.