Doors for Bathroom

The use of proper color in a bathroom is also a very important thing. There should ideally be some contrast in the color of the bathroom and its door. But lamentably, most of the bathrooms are in general White. A person with color blindness may have difficulty in locating the white seat of a bathroom if the door is or any light color or white, which can result to falls.

When you’re redecorating your bathroom, the end to designing generally comes at the door-step. We often overlook the door as we are more involved into doing the “interiors” of the bathroom. But beauty lies is not forgetting any of the details, let’s discuss some of the bathroom door design ideas.

Bathroom Door - 1

Fiber Doors for your bathroom

These days Fiber door are very prevalent for the bathroom and they are available in many colors.

Vintage Door for the Master Bathroom

If the door of your bathroom swings in the inside of the bathroom and there is no option for a pocket door, you can just flip it around so tp make it open on the outside and gives you more room space in the bathroom. No doubt it will need some work on the door framing, but it is totally worth it.

Bathroom Door - 4

Mirror Doors

These doors obviously make your bathroom look bigger. You don’t just see the enclosed space of your bathroom but you can see through the other area. But, having a door with transparent glass may not always be practical in all the houses. Then, mirrored pane is the option for that. It will give the similar feel of that of the glass door because in this type, the bathroom will look like extending past the door. And it will also help keeping the privacy in the bathroom.

Some decoration on the door
You can hang some decorative restroom symbols in some good patter to greet the guests in the bathroom.

Vintage + Modern theme door for your bathroom

To help your bathroom feel open and bigger, you can install a door with frosted glass window in it. And then you can have a vintage sign made on it. This is sure a great trend!