Common Types of Bathroom Faucets

Just like there is a huge variety available in kitchen faucets, there is a bundle of variety available in bathroom faucets as well. A perfect faucet can be bought if you have your preferences in mind. There might be plenty of things to consider, but it is important that you clearly know where to get started from. Your personal style will largely depict your choice.

Bathroom Faucets - 1

Check out what type of bathroom faucets are available and why should you buy them:
1. Stainless steel faucet
These are the most traditional form of faucets available and they are composed of chromium and steel alloy. The best quality of these faucets is that they don’t get rusted very soon, they have the tendency to last for a long time. Cleaning them is easier and they are capable of matching all types of bathroom décor. The problem with these faucets is that your fingerprints might show, and they might get scratches more than often. Over time, their appearance also becomes dull.

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2. Brass faucets
Brass faucets can also be used in the bathroom. They are considered to be the oldest faucets used in bathrooms since years. It is even better than steel and chrome. The only problem with brass is that it is quite expensive. If you want to use them, you need to be sure that they are sealed because they can rust easily.
3. Chrome faucets
They are made from solid brass and they have the same color as stainless steel. They are available in simple and inexpensive style and fancy and expensive style as well. They can be great bathroom faucets because they don’t scratch or rust. They can be durable but the only problem is that cleaning the spots of water can be hard. Don’t use harmful chemicals for cleaning the water spots otherwise the color and finishing of the chrome faucets will wear out.
Choose the faucets according to your needs but be sure that the design or style you go for matches the hardware and color scheme of your bathroom. That’s the only way you are going to love seeing these faucets in your bathroom.