What it takes to be a fitter!

Most people consider the job of a bathroom fitter to be an easy one. We all know that it is not rocket science. Most people (like my dad) consider doing it themselves to save them a few extra bucks. But would this confidence if you are handling the installation of $100 shower panel? Definitely not. Times like this is when we think about bringing in the professionals.

Bathroom Fitters - 1

Tasks involved:

Operations like bathroom renovation involve a combination of electrical, plumbing and tiling jobs. A fitter is generally equipped with the knowledge to handle these tasks. Another aspect to keep in mind is the building regulations when going through with the renovation. It’s easier for a fitter to understand them rather than a person who is going through with the job by reading off the internet. As we all know, things generally don’t tend to go as smoothly as we would like them to. In those unexpected situations, a fitter’s expertise would help in identifying and solving the problem much faster.

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Most of the issues that arise in the washrooms are not that easily identifiable to a lay man. Being able to identify the problem and think of a solution involving the least amount of resources is an essential quality to be a good fitter.

A good fitter must be able to work with heavy equipment. This demands having a good physique. This would make working with heavy tiles a breeze.

Patience is another important quality as this job involves dealing with a lot of people who might want to change their plans right in the middle of something or other who may ask for unreasonable changes.
The lastly, the knowledge to carry out the operations with simplicity. This is an obvious character but this is the main difference between a DIY person and a professional.

Though the process of hiring a professional may get a little expensive, it saves you the hassle of looking up things that you know nothing about and losing your mind over small complications in the process. Another advantage is that you are guaranteed to get a good finished product. If not, then you can always sue them for ruining it up. It may look simple but it takes all these qualities and a lot of endurance to be a good fitter.