Floor tiles for your bathroom

There are multiple floor types that are available in the market today and all you have to do is to select the type that will coincide with the general look of your bathroom. The advantage of using tiles as the bathroom floors is that they are very easy to clean, they are not slippery when wet making them safe and in most cases they will always compliment with the general look of the bathroom giving it a more attractive look.

Floor tile by product type

There are therefore several products that are used in the making of the most perfect bathroom tiles:

Bathroom Floor Tile - 2

1. Ceramic tiles

These tiles are made from a combination of natural clay and other mineral. The two products are usually heated and after a certain period of time, they are cooled and further made into different colors, shapes, sizes and textures. They are indeed perfect for the bathroom because they do not soak any water.

2. Slate tiles

They are the perfect type especially if you love mixing colors. The slate tiles are made from a metamorphic type of rock and they are designed into palettes of different color ranges; from sage to navy, tan to black and also red to copper. The tile floor is fine grained and if it is illuminated with the best lighting system, then your bathroom will be super attractive.

Bathroom Floor Tile - 6

3. Marble tiles

Tiles made from marble are known to be very durable and they also exist in various colors. Moreover, being one of the unique stones, there are different finishing styles for tiles that are made of marble. The finishing on the tile can be finely polished, honed, tumbled or slightly brushed. You have to note that the type of finishing does not matter as long as it compliments well with the whole environment of the bathroom.

4. Granite tiles

With the granite tiles, the bathroom will always be warm and cozy. These tiles have small flecks that are rich in different colors and their visual depth is also marvelous.

5. Onyx tiles

These tiles have transparent characteristics, making them perfect for the bathroom floors; they also have a smooth texture and are not slippery when wet.