Flooring the bathroom

Flooring forms an integral part of bathroom remodeling. While planning the bathroom renovation or any renovation for that matter, personal style plays a vital role. The qualities that any type of bathroom floor should have are –

Good appearance

The look of the bathroom floor should be pleasing to the eye and also should accentuate the overall look of the bathroom.

Ease of installation

Since bathroom is a small place and there are lot many small things that need proper planning while working around in the bathroom, it is essential that the flooring should be easier to install and maintain.


Bathroom Flooring Ideas - 1

The flooring material should be durable, slip-resistant and also should be strong against moisture. It should also be able to stand the temperature fluctuations.

There are some flooring materials that can fulfill the above requirements

Bathroom Flooring Ideas - 3

Resilient Vinyl flooring

Resilient Vinyl flooring has been popular for a long time. Vinyl can replicate the look of hardwood, limestone, slate and ceramic. They offer several advantages. Firstly they are very low maintenance, do not need excessive care, just mopping with a damp cloth is enough. Vinyl flooring is soft, easy to stand on. They are easy to install also as the material comes in rolls and can be put over almost any kind of subfloor. They come in numerous colors, designs and patterns. And they are also economical compared to other type flooring patterns.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tiling is also very common because of it being available in variety of colors, designs, patterns. However, they come in a variety of designs and while choosing the non- slippery texture should be chosen. They may last a last a lifetime if properly maintained. However, they are a bit hard compared to softer flooring materials available.

Marble Tile

Marble tiles are favorite among the up- scale bathroom designing. These tiles are also available in several sizes and many attractive colors. Though being installed like ceramic they are more costly and should be handled with care to avoid breakage.


Linoleum, invented around 150 years back is made from environmentally responsible materials that are biodegradable and anti-bacterial. It is available in traditional marbled patterns, solid colors, contemporary flecked designs or graphic patterns. It is anti- bacterial and hygienic that makes it idle to use in bathroom floors. It is also smooth surfaced material and does not trap dust and debris.