Have a beautiful bathroom floor with the best bathroom flooring ideas

A beautiful bathroom floor will lay a stunning foundation for a gorgeous bathroom. So choosing the right material for the space will be easy with the bathroom flooring ideas we will focus in this article to get inspiring ideas. Few factors may come to your mid when selecting bathroom flooring. Whatever materials you will choose, they should be resist moisture, durable and have sufficient traction to avoid slipping. So you can choose materials which have these features and fit for your style and budget.

Bathroom Flooring - 1

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile would be the best option you can choose for your bathroom floor. Similar to stone, ceramic tiles has the ability to achieve rich, solid and textured feeling. It is waterproof like vinyl and it is also fairly inexpensive. It looks very good like wood flooring. There are many different kinds of ceramic tiles so you can get them to fit exactly for your floor. Also there are many different sizes and shapes too. It gets cleaned up well and has a high resistance to pools of water.

Sheet or Tile Vinyl

Vinyl is considered as the most popular selection for the bathroom flooring due to several reasons. It is very easy to install vinyl tiles, so you can fix them by yourself also. Another reason is the vast variety of styles it has. You have two options in this category. A disadvantage of vinyl tiles is, after sometime they have the possibility to come up. So, the sheet vinyl option will overcome this. Also many people choose vinyl because of its low price.


Stone is another good option if you have the affordability. With marble, limestone, granite and other stone flooring methods, you will not get any moisture problems. But stone stands as a middle level choice and not on top because of some reasons. The main reason for this is its coldness. The next reason is it tends to be slippery. You can solve this issue by having your stone textured by purchasing naturally textured stone such as slate or by sandblasting. But in some people’s opinion, a major reason to pull this bathroom flooring option down is the cost. It is the most expensive bathroom flooring option.