Types of bathroom mirrors

It is said that the mirror is the most unfaithful thing in the world just because it lets you see what you want to see. Well it could be so but can that really stop us from using mirrors as frequently as we do? True to the fact, mirrors are an everyday necessity and actually help a lot in correcting our external appearance. With this in mind, the elegance of mirrors over time has become more and more innovative. Who wouldn’t want a splendid looking mirror slightly improving your look in it? Mirrors are of different kinds some with a specific purpose and other just different in shape and size.

Bathroom Mirror - 3

Shaving mirrors

Known for the petite size, shaving mirrors are commonly used far and wide although for that one purpose; shaving. Their slight convex design has been manipulated over time to simply make it look more appealing. Some shaving mirrors come fully equipped with an extendable addition to aid further in shaving. Designs for shaving mirrors aren’t much sought after simply because its purpose isn’t very variable.

Regular mirrors

Basic mirror are available in many different designs influencing their shape, size and attachment. Such include

Medicine cabinet mirrors

Cabinet mirrors are specially attached on the miniature door of the cabinet and as they serve their purpose well, they also conceal the cabinet’s contents. Even better such mirrors allow for the cabinet to be situated at eye-level with the user incorporating for a simpler storage means for the hanging compartment.

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Vanity mirrors

Vanity mirrors are placed in accordance with the vanity units most of the time directly at the centre. Their location is quite efficient and automatically enhances the splendor of the whole vanity unit. It is also not limited in terms of height as it can go up to 4 feet from the counter top.

Mirrors in relation to their frame

Mirrors are designed with different frames. The cheapest designs have a square or sometimes rectangle wooden frame. Other more delicate ones have metal frames but not too heavy. For a stylish look, oval mirror are used some of which are frameless and very fragile.

There are also randomly shaped mirrors for example duck shapes, bunny shapes and other common animals that can really add style to your bathroom.