Bathroom courtesy

The bathroom, for some, is a haven of solitude and for others it is a public place which is cramped up by family members most of the time. Well sometimes to monitor the ongoing ‘traffic’ you can put up messages to maybe warn, notify or simply make a family member laugh. Am sure most of you would bear the same opinion with me when I say that a bathroom is a place you spend a slightly prolonged amount of time irrelevant of what you are doing in there. Such ‘messages’ or rather quotes put up inside the bathroom can make your stay in the bathroom worthwhile. These quotes are not only posted in homes but also in public places like bars, hotels, hospitals and even sometimes schools. Note that these quotes are not to be confused with toilet signs like the usual men and men symbol

Bathroom Quotes - 1

Intended role of bathroom quotes

Restrict certain behaviors
Some quotes are used to prevent users of the toilet from doing mischievous things like cleaning up an involuntary spill when (might I use the term) peeing. One such quote for men is, though funny, “stand closer, you are not that good in aiming.” the sign being situated directly on top of the toilet. With such humor, one is bound to oblige by the rule although some would opt not to and probably end up cleaning their own mess.

Giving instructions

Sometimes bathroom quotes can be used to give the user instructions on something pertaining of the room. Such quotes are occasionally laced with humor or satire but either way they make sure the point is reached. One such example is; “the soap on the left and the tissue on the right, don’t confuse the two”. The message is then completed with a smiley emoticon to boost the humor.

Simply captivating the user

Most of these are downright comical and their aim is to simply make your stay enjoyable. Because most people stay for long in the toilet and or bathroom, such quotes are a way to sometimes keep them longer or just give them a laugh. For example; in a bathroom,” get naked” or “brush your teeth, I can see you sign Mom”
These quotes are available for sale online but a simple print at home couldn’t hurt.