Bathroom Refashioning Checklist

Bathroom is the practical and personal room in every home which functions more than any other room in the home and hence need fastest and greatest remodeling investment. The reinvestment should provide value to the bathroom and should save money. The bath room remodel checklist is discussed as follows.

Determining the goal

The primary thing is to decide whether the remodeling includes redesign the layout of the bathroom or in the existing layout. If involves remodel then ensure the legal necessities. Estimate the budget according to the need and the traffic using the bathroom. The determination of bathroom style is necessary as it varies from customary, contemporary, functional and transitional. Choosing the right color is vital according to the furniture in the bath room.

Bathroom Remodel Checklist - 1

Bathroom Remodel Checklist

Responsibilities when doing remodel

Remodeling the bathroom includes certain responsibilities that a homeowner should follow. To finish the work smoothly it is vital to clear the remodeling area and cover the item which is immovable. The early selection of the remodeling product will reduces the rush time tension.

Choosing the style

Choosing the items to enhance the whole look of the bathroom is essential. The styling item includes selecting the types of floor tiles, toilets, bathtubs, showers, Lavatory Sink, Cabinetry, counterparts, fixtures and other accessories.

Selecting the Material

Storage and cabinet is the essential things to efficiently utilize the bathroom space. The cabinets may be falls under custom, Semi custom, Vanities, Stock and medicine storing cabinets. Remodeling the counterpart includes the selection of surface material. Choosing granite and marble seems to be more expense but it last for long period where as concrete is fairly expensive with versatility. High grade plastic counter parts are readily available in assorted colors. The selection of material depicts the budget and hence it is wise to choose the material according to the homeowner’s budget.


Preparing the checklist is essential when remodeling the bathroom. The checklist includes the following things. The utmost thing is the investment, duration, work sequence, concealed problems, functionality and the design style of the occupying items, dimensions of the remodeling area, hiring a sincere contractor, the apt selection of fixtures and fittings, flooring and walls, proper ventilation, lighting etc.


The remodeling of the bathroom is a thrilling job when compared to other rooms as it is used frequently on daily basis. The choosing of the materials like bathtub, tiles and other items will reduce the thrill. To maintain the excitement in renovating it is necessary to make a checklist to reduce the stress and investment.