Restyling your Washroom

With all the latest trends of designer sanitary ware influencing the world, bathroom renovation has become a lot more expensive than you could imagine. But considering the fact that the bathroom is probably the most peaceful place in the house (at least for me), it might be worth it to invest a bunch into this. The key elements in the planning of the renovation are as follows:

Bathroom Renovation - 1


This is the major factor that decides what all can be renovated and if so, to what extent. The costs of all the new upgrades that you desire, the pending repairs and the labor charges will probably be the major expenditure areas.


Based on your budget allotments, you can choose a normal, good-to-go equipment or go all-out and have a designer bathroom. A few of the things that should be taken care of while buying equipment are the details like the size of the tub, the shape and material of the sink, quality of the toilet, the tile varieties and types and the new piping that would be required to fill up the place.


Balancing between looks and the utility:

It’s important to take care that we are not getting carried away too much by the looks and try to think about how useful the particular design will be. Some designer-ware have sacrificed the structural rigidity for the purpose of the design. You cannot always be careful every time you sit on the toilet or use the cabinets in the washroom. So it becomes essential to consider the utility that a particular equipment can offer.


Though the design of the tiles is something that would be of utmost importance, it is also essential to check the material, water-proofing and the grip they offer when you walk over them when wet also matters.


Having cabinets inside the washroom basically depends on the space availability. Having a well-organized cabinet system would help accommodate all the soaps, towels, brushes, straighteners, etc. and eliminates the need of a dressing table in your room. Even if the washroom is small, it is essential to have a small cabinet to hold onto all your cosmetics.