Bathroom Sconces in your washroom

Washroom is the only place in the house where you get to be interruption free time to spend on yourselves. For me, most of my thinking takes place in there. Looking at the recent trend of living, we can observe that there are various methods to beautify your washroom. For example, changing the sinks, the toilet or installing cupboards inside the washroom or having a grand Jacuzzi where you can lie down and watch TV. In this segment, we would be discussing about using different lighting effects (particularly sconces) to beautify the washroom.
Sconces are wall-mounted lighting fixtures without having any base on the ground. Having the proper lighting inside the washroom helps in establishing a mood to the room. Whether you would like to have a candle-lit like romantic mood or a bright, happy mood can be changed according to the brightness and the color of the lighting inside the washroom. Also, the lighting can affect the way you look. A bad lighting calls for a few missed shaving spots or a little extra dose of makeup which would affect your looks and make you overly conscious after noticing the mistake for the rest of the day.



A few major things to discuss before installing the sconces include the height at which they are installed, the color, availability of the dimmer and most importantly the wiring.
It is recommended to avoid having light flashing directly into the mirror or right above it as it may cloud the way you look when you see yourself in the mirror. A couple of sconces on both the side ends of the mirror would be advisable for achieving an evenly distributed lighting on your face when you look into the mirror.

Brightness and color:

The effects that the brightness and color of the light have already been discussed. A white or reddish color is advised as other colors may make the washroom look funny or be detrimental to the makeup process.



Most washrooms would require rewiring for the installation of sconces. In general, houses come with a single lighting fixture right on top of the mirror area of the vanity. So in most cases rewiring is a must. This could easily be the most expensive agenda while installing the sconces.
The design of the sconces can be chosen from a huge catalogue of ready-made sconces offered by different vendors. This can be chosen according the taste of the person and add to the soothing essence of the washroom.