There are so many things that you can do with your bathroom. The major factor is the space. If you have a huge amount of space, you can do anything easily. But if you have a limited space to work with, you need to worry a bit. Nowadays, so many solutions are available for problems with smaller bathrooms. The solutions are so much exciting and attractive that even the people with bigger bathrooms are going for them. Either your bathroom is small or large, what really matter is the overall look and feel. In larger bathrooms, only little space will be left. Mostly people make storages at the place left.

Bathroom Shelving Over Toilet - 6

Bathroom Shelving Over Toilet

One of a unique and attractive thing that you can do is the over toilet shelf. It is something that most of the people like nowadays. It is really a good option that will make your bathroom look exciting and bigger. In an over shelf toilet the toilet is kept adjacent to the sink and the space above the toilet can be used for any other purpose. The sink vanity mostly extends into shelf. Mentioned below are the few ideas that you must consider.

Single structure:

Single structure designs are usually made for a particular space. I have given it the name of a single structure because the counter over the toilet turns into a single structure and you can make use of it anyway you want. It is beautiful and will surely work for you.

Shelf over toilet:

Another design includes a shelf over the toilet that can be used for any purpose. You can use it as storage or you can place toilet papers there. The shelf becomes very much useful in this case and it is something that everyone will surely appreciate.

Fancy design:

In this design you design your shelf in a different way. You must design it accordingly. You can place vase, flowers, led lights or different fancy materials that you like. It will surely give an amazing look and it will be loved by the people.


You can turn the shelf into a complete storage. The storage will help you take care of your things. It will also add elegance. You need to take care of the theme of the toilet, shelf and storage. All of these things should be in a similar shade in order to maintain the look.