Whether you have a big bathroom or a smaller one, bathroom storage is a problem most of us face. It is definitely a difficult task to find and organize your dream storage solution in a limited space. Many of us find ourselves confused with the different amount of products available and what would be best for our free space. Bathroom storage allows you to place our bathroom equipment’s in an organized manner so that it is easy for us to utilize them. I will tell you few of the easiest ways so that you can organize your things properly without difficulty.

Hang a vintage basket:
The first thing you can do is to hang a vintage basket. It looks so beautiful, something hanging in the bathroom. You can place your towels there.

Attach baskets to the wall:Bathroom Storage - 1

Attaching baskets to the wall is also a creative idea. You can simply attach a few baskets at a particular wall and you can keep your clothes and towels there.


If your bathroom is small you can get the storage job done with the help of beautiful glass cans. This is one of the cheapest methods and is attractive as well. You can use them to hold soaps, washcloths and much more.

Bathroom Storage - 2


A drawer can help you keep all your cosmetics and bathroom equipment’s organized. You can also keep towels and clothes in it, but mostly it is used to store cosmetics.


Handles and hangers are the best choice when it comes to keep towels or clothes in a particular place. It is simple and quite cheap, but this is limited to fewer things.


Before you go out and search something for bathroom storage you need to take care of few things. First of all you must be aware of your bathroom space. You must be clear of what you want and how. Don’t complicate the things, keep them simple. Stay in your budget and do something extra ordinary. There are many different things in different designs and shapes. Choose something according to your personality and living style.