Bathroom Towel Rack Ideas

When it comes to designing a bathroom, whether small or large, bath fixtures are an important part for decision making. There is a lot to be considered for bathroom accessories, specially a good towel rack. Towels are an important part of any bathroom and their storage is highly attention-seeking. To make the most of a bathroom design improvement, it becomes necessary to pay good attention to the design of towel racks so that you can succeed in turning your boring bathroom space to an appealing one.

Like the bathtub and sink, your towel rack also plays a vital role in making your bathroom stand out. The style of the towel rack is one of the important fitting decisions to be taken when designing or remodeling your bathroom. Below are some inspiring ideas for towel rack designs for your bathroom:

Bathroom Towel Racks - 1

Modern Towel Rack/Warmer

Not only do the towel warmer racks add to the luxury of your bathroom but also worth the money spent on them. They are both pleasing and functional in many ways. Towel warmer racks keep the wet towels in place while making them warm and toasty automatically. If you want a good option for your bathroom d├ęcor and interested in something contemporary, modern towel warmer/rack will suit you the most.

Towel Hanging Hooks

This is another option for towel storage which would surely bring a good transformation to your bathroom. Towel hanging hooks generally go in place of traditional towel bars and are most suitable for those bathrooms having limited space for towel bars. They can store multiple towels your bathroom has and also makes it easy getting a towel for drying up hands after washing them in the sink.

Bathroom Towel Racks - 2

Cabinet Mounted Towel Bars

When you go for this option, it is advisable to select the towel bars matching the style and finishing of the fixtures in the bathroom. These bars are mounted on the cabinetry used for storage of other items. They are ideal for such bathrooms that have limited wall space or walls with such a finish that makes it challenging mounting towel bars.

Changing the style of your bathroom with these creative towel rack ideas would add the decorative touch while enhancing its utility. Choose the one that suits you the best and see how a towel rack can make the difference.