How to Beautify Your Bathroom The Vanity Way?

People often use bathrooms as relaxing areas and find comfort in their confines. Those who can afford, spend a lot of money in beautifying them. How your bathrooms look, reflects a part of your personality and style. Well-maintained bathrooms bring elegance to the house.

Introduction to bathroom vanity

It is the combination of sink/basins and the storage cabinets around them and elsewhere in the bathroom. It’s about providing storage space and concealing basic plumbing to enhance beauty of the bathroom. A top/platform is also a part of bathroom vanity. Bathroom vanity is made from materials like laminates, cement, wood, stone or anything that is waterproof or resistant to moisture.

Planning and choosing bathroom vanityBathroom Vanity - 1

The first task at hand is to plan a budget you wish to keep aside for spending on vanity. Bathroom vanity comes in all ranges. They come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and designs. We have to pick the ones that suit the size of our bathroom. We don’t want them to look too congested or having too less a space to store toiletries. Make sure they conceal all the pipes and bin storage. Also, they must have enough storage to keep all the towels and linings. Pick the vanity with multiple drawers so that you can keep the different categories of toiletries, dryers and shavers, towels in different drawers.

Bathroom Vanity - 2

Types of bathroom vanity

Cabinets and shelves are an integral part of the bathroom vanity. They are made up of wood, steel or laminate and can be installed on a side wall or can be fixed to the floor. Bathroom vanity also refers to sink/basins or bathtubs as these are the very basics in all bathrooms. They come in beautiful designs of granite or marble. We cannot imagine having an overall grand décor with a basic sink or bathtub. Bathroom mirrors and lights also form a part of bathroom decors as they beautify a basic space.

To get an elegant and classy look for your bathroom, always pick your vanity with care. You can do research on internet and look for them in stores.