Tips on choosing the right lighting for your bathroom

Lighting is one of the most important tasks of decorating your house/apartment. Lights can do a lot to the appearance of the rooms, any may it be. Right lighting can make a house feel like home. However, every room has different yet unique lighting needs. Especially, when it comes to bathrooms, lighting can play a major role. Good lightings can turn your bathroom from ‘blah’ to ‘beautiful’.

Normally people tend to invest and spend on bathroom lightings and vanities at the end of finishing everything else; because bathrooms are placed to be less important. But considering the fact that bathrooms are the starting and the ending points of our days giving us the privilege of relaxation and quite time alone, bathroom are not that very less important, are they?

Bathroom Wall Light Fixtures - 3

Bathroom Wall Light Fixtures

Hence, choosing the right lighting for your bathroom is very important. There may lots of questions and confusions while choosing from the best. Well here are some great tips to make it easier:

Task Lights:

It’s important to place right lights on right places. Random fixtures of light can make your bathroom look totally unmanaged and scattered. Therefore, a recessed light in the right angle and length from your mirror can be a great idea.

Ceiling Lights:

For ceiling lights, ambient lights are the perfect match. Single feature Ceiling lights can offer with the perfect illumination and great focal point for your bathroom. The designs range from traditional vintage style to the modern and contemporary fixtures. They can add a unique touch of elegance to your whole bathroom.

Wall Lights:

Wall lights are one of the most important lighting areas of any room. Wall lights diverge light softly and naturally, providing your bathroom with a calm and peacefully relaxing vibe. Wall lights can be fitted in your bathroom through the main line or independently; which means you switch them on /off with the help of a switch or pull-cord, helping you to switch your bathroom mood instantly.


Spot lights provide a diverging gentle lighting to you bathroom and add ambience. Spot lights are generally placed over a mirror to make your daily grooming or make-up routine illuminate. They are perfect for both accent and task lighting. They are also known for the energy-efficiency and their longevity.

All In all, lightings can be a great asset for your bathroom, not just for functional purpose but also for the unique touch of style and elegance it adds to your bathroom, changing the whole vibe of it. Bathrooms are a great short-term gateway from our daily busy lives. So it’s important to make that we make the best out of it with the perfect lighting and decorations.