The beneficial innovations of Bemis toilets

Bemis is the biggest toilet seat manufacturer of the world. It’s toilet seats and other bathroom products are known for its quality and durability. It manufactures toilets of different designs and styles. The headquarter of Bemis Manufacturing company is at Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin in the USA. It is one of the exclusive molders of custom and diverse plastic products. In North America, it is the leader in producing non-automotive plastic injection-molded, compression-molded and profile-extruded components.

It designs and manufactures different types toilet products and the most prominent is toilet seats. It produces environment friendly toilet seats. It strives to produce quality product through innovation and new approach.

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Innovations of Bemis

Bemis has been constantly innovating the products that it manufactures and its recent innovations include.

JUST.LIFT: These are hinges that allow the toilet seat to stand straight up in its open position. By doing so a gap is formed that makes it easier to clean the toilet thoroughly. It gives a great advantage over other traditional hinge products available in the market.

STA-TITE Commercial Fastening System:

This is another recent innovation by Bemis that ensures that the toilet seats never loosen up. A toilet in an average family is used no less than 20 times a day, more than 7000 times a year. Such aggressive use can make the toilet seat loosen from constant opening and closing. To avoid an otherwise obvious problem, Bemis created a revolutionary technology. It is available for residential as well as commercial use.


This product innovation allows the toilet seat to be closed and open without much sound. In other traditional toilets when the seat is closed it usually slams and causes noise. To avoid slamming and noise this innovation closes the seat slowly and with just a tap.


This innovation allows the user to remove the seat easily without much trouble. This means easy cleaning and changing of the seat. You can clean the seat thoroughly, removing it by just twisting the caps of the hinge. The bolts that mount the seat are not change and stay in their place. This requires no professional or technical expertise making it a great advantage over other traditional hinges.


Another beneficial product innovation, it allows the child potty seat to be easily removed without any technical expertise. You can clean the messy toilet seat of your child by just removing it easily and cleaning it. It can be removed permanently once your child grows out of it.