Get the best look for your bathroom with paints on them

Paint colors in bathrooms

Paint colors of the bathrooms play a very important role in getting a great look and spacious features to your bathrooms. People try to overlook the bathrooms when it comes to paint them. They usually use the left over paints or just try to fill them up with any color you have. But the real thing is that your bathrooms are the places where you can relax and unwind, so these spaces must be painted accurately to enhance the look and give you a relaxed feel. You should choose the colors, depending upon your style and the feel you are looking for. If your bathroom space is small, then you should always go for light subtle colors like white which increases the reflection rate and gives an illusion of bigger space. Bathroom small sizes can always be changed by playing around the colors, textures and patterns of paints.

Best Bathroom Paint Colors - 1

Best paint colors for your bathrooms

You must be sure of what kind of feel you are looking in for your bathrooms. If you are looking for warm feel or a bright feel or a cool feel, all these moods can be tweaked by playing with different colors for your bathrooms.

Small bathrooms: you should always choose bright, light colors for small spaced bathrooms to give them a wider look.

Warm bathrooms: For getting a warmer look for the bathrooms, you should try dark shades of beige or brown colors. These colors bring in the depth and warmth in the décor of your bathroom.

Cool bathrooms: Cool feel for the bathrooms can be generally attained by using lighter pastel shades of blue, yellow or turquoise.

Types of popular paint colors for bathrooms

There are some known popular paint colors for the bathrooms like

– White: white is the most preferred and loved color for the bathroom. This color not only gives an illusion of bigger space but also brightens up the bathroom. The only downside of this color is the chances of getting dirty and stained.

– Beige, browns and yellow: Beige and brown colors are great colors for the bathrooms. These colors bring in the warmth and depth in your bathrooms. Adding spot lights in these bathrooms give a great lifted look to certain highlighted areas.

– Aqua, blue or turquoise: These color shades bring in a cool effect and gives a tropical feel to your bathrooms