Black toilets are useful for the bathrooms where the water used in the flush is of well, i.e., the storage uses well water. Because by well water light colored or white colored toilet bowls become reddish after a few days of washing and cleaning. But in black toilets, there is no such problem. You do not see any water spots or paper lint. Black toilets look good with any style of bathroom or of any color.


Apart from its advantages, the big disadvantage of black toilets is their cleaning. These toilets perfectly highlight the dust from paper goods. It is very hard to keep the black toilets look clean. We have to sometimes wipe the toilet before using it. You should have white color toilets as they never get outdated and out of fashion. Black colored toilets need more maintenance. It is difficult to put the light colored stains away from the toilet. They also sometimes look like old ‘70s style toilets.

Black Toilets - 2


A dark or black color toilets offer a dramatic or filmy look to any washroom, however keeping them clean can be difficult. Most water contains minerals, and the white stains they leave are particularly recognizable on a dark surface. Also dust is seen easily on black toilets. So to keep the toilets dust free and to clean them, you have to follow some steps. Most importantly you should use the right products.

• Fill your container with boiling hot water. Wear elastic gloves to secure your hands. Start by splashing a disinfectant spray on the base of the toilet and allow it to remain for 10 minutes and to completely dry to kill the germs. Wet a clean cloth or wipe in the high temp water, and flush the area where the disinfectant was sprayed.

• Apply a thick toilet cleaner that will stick to the sides of your black toilet. Utilizing a toilet dish cleaner permits you to more effortlessly clean the toilet.

• Soak the toilet bowl with splash disinfectant. Be cautious to get disinfectant into the bends and fissure of the toilet’s dish, seat pivots, and under and upper surfaces of the seat. Wash the toilet’s surfaces well to guarantee no deposit from the chemicals in these items and is noticeable on your toilet seat.

• Then use the scrubber to scrub the toilet bowl. After that flush it.

• Spray the outside of the toilet seat with disinfectant.

• After all the toilet surfaces become dry, wipe it with a thick towel to remove the spots, if any.

These steps give your toilet a shining look.