Ceramic – Best flooring for the kitchen

If one is planning to renovate their kitchen the first thing that needs to be considered and decided upon is the flooring. Proper flooring is very important in the kitchen. Selecting the appropriate flooring requires a lot of research and efforts. There are wide range of kitchen flooring varying in designs and styles that are available. They are also available in different sizes, color and patterns. Right from ceramic flooring to hardwood flooring, one can use different flooring material taking into consideration their features and benefits.

Ceramic Tile Kitchen Floor - 1

Types of kitchen flooring

 Laminate flooring
 Hardwood flooring
 Vinyl flooring
 Ceramic Tile flooring
 Carpet tile flooring
 Porcelain flooring
 Stone flooring

How to select the best kitchen flooring tile

Durability: The kitchen flooring should be durable. Whichever flooring one chooses he should always consider its durability and sustainability properties. Kitchen flooring cannot be done again and again. Hence the flooring should be strong and should last many years.

Water resistance: The flooring in the kitchen should be water resistant. It should be able to absorb water and also dry off easily. Wet flooring surfaces are risky as they become slippery and one can easily injure themselves on it.



Textured flooring is less slippery and is also easy to clean and maintain. They are stain and scratch resistant. One should consider buying textured flooring when renovating their kitchen.

Benefits of Ceramic flooring for the kitchen


Ceramic tile flooring is ideal for kitchen flooring. They are strong and can last up to 10 – 20 years. They are crack and scratch resistant properties.


They are very easy to clean and maintain. A Simple wipe or mop with a wet cloth removes stain and dirt from the tile. One can also use strong cleaners to clean the ceramic tile flooring.


Ceramic tile are affordable and not heavy on the pocket. They are relatively cheaper than other flooring options like hardwood. The ceramic flooring looks stylish and adds value to the house.


Ceramic tile are deigned in such a way that it does not attract dirt, dust and other allergens. Small dirt particles can be wiped out easily.