Best Compact Toilets for Smaller Bathrooms

The compact toilets are the perfect choice for smaller bathrooms and they come in different shapes including round, elongated and corner. These compact toilets must be assembled after measuring the dimensions for the length, height and width of the bathroom.

If you have a small bathroom, where every inch matters, then compact toilets are the best choice for the cramped bathroom. Compact toilets are a couple of inches smaller than standard size, but still the smaller size of the toilet save space and give little more free space to move easily.

If you are looking for a new and best compact toilets and space saving ideas, then here you can find some of the best brands and styles that offer durable and affordable compact toilets.

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Round Front Compact Toilets:

You have more choices and better toilet solutions than before, especially for smaller bathrooms. Which toilet suits your bathroom will depend on the shape and size of your bathroom. The best option that matches any type of bathroom is Round Front toilet. You can find this model based on its dimension, which fits perfectly for cramped bathrooms. The shorter length of the toilet surely doesn’t take much space of your bathroom, and it also comes with shorter tanks, which can easily fit under cabinets or shelves.

The compact toilets were introduced by Maxwell in 2006, the list of the best toilet for smaller bathrooms. Before, it was very hard to find a compact toilet with water saving options as the choice is very less. But, now you have plenty of choice to choose from. Here you can find some of the best toilet selected based on customer reviews.

TOTO Compact Toilet:

TOTO Aquia II is a dual flush toilet and it is the most popular toilet. Many customers liked its quality, style and reliability. It costs around 400 dollars, but you can’t compromise on quality. TOTO’s Eco Supreme offers lower tank for homes where space is little concern.

KOHLER Compact Toilet:

Kohler’s Rialto comes with a smaller tank and the one-piece design made the compact toilet popular. It is well appreciated among customers for its amazing durability and functionality. It is available for 600 dollars which are worth to spend.

Duravit Compact Toilet:

It is wall mounted toilet which is known as Starck toilet, as it is designed by Philippe Starck. Duravit is popular because of its simple design and stylish look. It costs around 500 dollars

These are few best compact toilets, but you can browse the internet for more fresh and innovative styles and shapes. Find the best compact toilet for your bathroom and save space and water.