Designing the bathroom interior to increase visual appeal with corner bath tub

Placing a corner bath tub is considered as a stylish and sensible choice for increasing bathroom’s space and adding more visual appeal to bathroom’s interior. Installation of corner bath tub has become more popular nowadays among those houses who want to re-design interior of their bathroom. By the proper installation of corner tub. One can make more use of space of same bathroom by adding hanging towels, placing shelves or storage area. In addition, corner tubs can be customized to match its appearance with overall décor of bathroom. Adding a bathroom corner tub is not difficult. With a patient and systematic approach, a tub can be installed in an easy manner without any kind of complication.

Bathroom walls

First thing that need to be give thought while placing a corner tub is bathroom wall. If you don’t find your bathroom wall appealing then you have two choices. Either use a wall divider to cut-off that part of bathroom’s view or get that wall painted.

Installation of the Tub

Afterward, the second consideration is installing a corner tub. The corner bathroom tub enclosure should be aligned along the floor space so that it’s at a comfortable distance from bathing area. This is because corner tub are generally used for reading a newspaper or a magazine.

Corner Bath Tub - 4

Placement of a New Corner Bathroom Tub

The place where the bath tub has to be placed, flooring of that place should not be damaged. Even if there is slight damage, repair the flooring and leave it dry

The corner tub basically needs a supporting frame to set it into a chosen place. Generally, corner tub’s manufacturer will list and explain all the necessary instruction and the exact dimension needed. The supporting frame is usually made up of wood.

Preparing a wooden supporting frame within which the tub will be set.

The mortar mixture preparation: The thin mortar is the usual choice and depending upon the weight and size of the tub, it can be almost two inch thick. Spread the thin set of mortar mixture evenly over the chosen place after preparing the mixture.

Pipe checking: The pipe fixture that needs to be connected to the corner tub should be installed before the tub is placed in chosen place. The plumbing and piping should be properly checked since after installation of them, it’s practically impossible to repair them.

Installing the tub: With the help of a helper, place the tub over the floor that is wet with mortar. The corner bathroom tub should be resting on bathtub rim.