Cottage kitchens and their styles

if you like a relaxed, airy decor in your kitchen, then maybe it’s time you gave your kitchen the look of cottage kitchens. Cottage kitchens are similar to country kitchens in terms of design and they are very much in vogue. This is because people today like a warm and welcoming destination for a cook.

It is a good design element for those who want to retain an old world charm of their kitchen and make it a place where they can escape from the hectic schedule of the modern world. Cottage style kitchens are suitable for people who love to cook in a very relaxed atmosphere. The characteristics of this type of kitchen are its soft colors, painted cabinets and flowery printed fabrics.

Ideas for cottage kitchens

While designing cottage kitchens, you have to keep some basic things in mind. The first thing that you should consider when designing this type of kitchen is the kitchen color schemes. If you’re used to having a minimalist kitchen with white and gray walls or a bit of chrome and steel finish, you might then be tempted to go the same way as designing a cottage style kitchen. But the facts are cottage style kitchens are supposed to radiate warmth and liveliness, something that can only be achieved with the use of bright colours. Such colours include orange, burnt sienna, cobalt, turquoise or yellow. You can experiment with different wall finishes such as sponge painting; color washing and other classic mural techniques.

The next step in the design of cottage kitchens is the use of country or classic floor materials

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Cottage Kitchens

You can use ceramic tiles, polished stone or wooden planks as flooring materials in cottage kitchens. Alternatively, old red brick as a backsplash give cottage kitchens a more rustic appearance. It also goes very well with the vibrant colored walls that give the kitchen the old world charm. The window treatment for cottage style kitchens should be simple and not too fancy and over the top. The best window treatments for this style of cooking is using simple valance or shutters. It is also possible to decorate it with chintz curtains in a cheerful print to give the kitchen a cozy atmosphere.

Wooden cabinets are preferred in cottage kitchens

Kitchen cabinets in cottage kitchens should preferably be in wood and painted in a bright color like white, egg shell blue or possibly a light yellow. Look for antique kitchen cabinet hardware in your local antique shop and have some good bargains. Glass doors in the upper cabinets are a good choice as you can see this from your china collection and other valued collectibles. Since the color palettes of the kitchen walls are light, it is wise to paint the kitchen cabinets in more muted colors. The decoration of cottage kitchens is about achieving a harmonious mixture of colors, textures and materials so that everything looks coherent and consistent.


Today, it was all about designing cottage kitchens. A cottage style kitchen should be warm and relaxed and this can be achieved through the right combination of wall color, natural flooring and antique furniture.

Cottage Kitchens