Transform the Looks of Your Bathroom with Country Bathroom Décor

Homeowners want a bathroom that is both functional and looks attractive as well. With a variety of attractive accessories, tiles, and wallpapers available in the market, achieving a fine balance between functionality and looks isn’t difficult now. The bathroom can be designed in accordance with the interiors of your home. While many prefer getting something modern and trendy, there are many who love the country décor. If you have a country décor throughout your house, country bathroom décor is just for you.

Country décor is a very wide range of style that vastly differentiates as per the geographical location of any place. However, rustic looking accessories, muted colors, and soft-paint finishes are what make a country bathroom décor. Let us have a look at some of the important points to look out for if you want to have a country bathroom décor.

Country Bathroom Decor - 1

Color of Your Bathroom

Color plays an important role in achieving a classic country bathroom décor. You can choose any soft color like white, lighter shades of bright colors, and even black on the walls and have matching tiles and accessories to get a complete themed look. Even though it is country inspired, it will help you exhibit a modern, classy look.

Accessories in Your Bathroom

Using country bathroom accessories for decoration is a great way to achieve a country-themed look. You can also use a hand-embroidered towels, perfume or medicine bottles for display on racks, vintage towel racks, faucets, cabinet knobs, doors, and bath-tub to ensure that they match with the bathroom color and other country-themed installations.

Country-themed Mirrors

There are variety of country or antique themed mirrors available in the market. They have smooth curved edges with rustic borders to enhance the looks of your bathroom. Moreover, you can also add multiple mirrors to further add up to the looks and also make your bathroom look bigger.

Country-themed Photo Frames, Silhouettes, or Portraits

You can add a variety of country themed decorative pieces like photo frames, signs, silhouettes, portraits, botanical prints, etc. to further enhance the country charm of your bathroom. When working on to get a country-themed bathroom décor make sure you get as much as country based accessories as possible. Work on the minutest of details to ensure that the bathroom is able to achieve that perfect country décor.

Apart from the above mentioned points there is a wide-range of things that you can experiment with. You also have the option of hiring a designer to get the look right for you.