Kitchen cabinets for the country kitchens

Country kitchens

Country kitchens are welcoming and cheery with bright colors and/or lights, glazed and painted cabinets with metal or wire inserts, bead board panels, woven baskets, decorative molding and shelving and floral motifs. English country, French country, cottage, Tuscan country, garden and farmhouse are famous country styles which share a homespun, handcrafted appearance.

Country kitchen cabinets

Country kitchen cabinets are supposed to be comfortable, inviting and warm with natural and timeless appearance. They come under the category of traditional kitchen designs and use particular cabinetry to achieve the signature country appearance.

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Cabinet Inspiration for kitchens

As country kitchens are supposed to be used more than admired, the cabinets in country kitchens are made from lasting and durable materials like wood.

Materials for country kitchen

The most popular choice for making the cabinets is Pine wood. It displays wood graining and visible knots that country kitchens are famous for. Not just that, Pine is budget friendly and also readily available. They only humbug of using pine is that it can get scratched and dented easily because it is a fairly soft wood. Other wood choices for country kitchen cabinets are Oak, maple, cherry and hickory. They come in a broader range of costs and colors but have better durability than pine. So they can hold up better in a very-much-used country kitchen.

Glazing and painting of country kitchen cabinets

Glazing and painting wood cabinets are also very popular in country kitchens. Charming colors like cream, butter yellow, light blue or mint green are very common. Milk paint, glazes and distressing techniques can be applies on the paint to add to the country look even more.

In terms of cabinet style, bead board, raised panel doors and decorative panels like stained glass, tin or wire are very common. These extra features add character and warmth to the cabinets and also allow the glamorous country collectables to be advertised and to show off your very own personal taste. You can leave some shelves open in a country kitchen to give the warmth look and to display the unique collectibles and family antiques.