Country style – the best style

Small kitchen spaces not a big deal now. There are many fixtures and designs available for small kitchens too. Using these designs one can install that is required in their kitchen. No matter the space one can create the kitchen the way they like using all modern concepts and fixtures that save space and increase usability.

Popular country style kitchen

French country Style

English country Style

Farmhouse Style

Cottage Style

Garden style

Tuscan country style

Country style kitchens are beautiful and efficient creating irresistible warm and charm in the kitchen. These country style designs are very compact and use less space. They are always for great choice for small kitchens.

Country Kitchen Ideas For Small Kitchens - 3

Country kitchen style

This style uses natural material like wood, stone, etc. to keep the kitchen warm. Country style designs focus on comfort and gives a welcoming feeling. Fixtures are normally constructed with wood especially pine due to its rustic and natural appearance. Maple, Oak, Birch etc are also used for making cabinetry in country style kitchen. The placement of sink in this style plays a very important role in creating space and increasing usability in the kitchen. Stainless steel or porcelain sinks are mostly preferred in this style. It gives a stylish and elegant look to the kitchen. All kitchen cookware’s are of stainless steel with wooden handles. This style creates space and inspiration and makes a kitchen a lovely place.


Country kitchen ideas for small kitchen

1. Using glass on the cabinet doors make the kitchen appears big.
2. Folding doors can be used to save space wherever necessary.
3. Extra shelves in the cabinets can solve the problem of storage in smaller kitchens.
4. Cabinets can be from floor to ceiling height to enable to create a spacious kitchen island.
5. Open shelves also works great for small kitchen.
6. Arranging the appliances in an orderly manner in the kitchen is very much important to make complete utilization of space.
7. Granite countertop sinks and floors should be the ultimate choice. Besides being modern and stylish they are very easy to maintain and clean.
8. Fancy baskets, tall cans, decorative shelves can great ideas for storage.
9. Make use of light and bright colors in the kitchen for reflect proper lighting.