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Day to day families get frustrated when their crane toilet fail to flush, wasting time becomes a normal occurrence as one has to wait for the tank to fill up. Think of that messy floor just from your cistern? One need to learn how to ensure is not in the same mess. What do you need to know to have well-functioning crane toilet. Man families fail to recognize the procedures for a long lasting solution. I have compiled the best information of carne toilets.

Remedies to efficient crane toilets

Crane toilets usually they are a tank and bowl thus rate of water leaking is high. Internal parts get affected due to such leaks. Bowl sometimes fail to hold water, thus a plumber is required. Before a technician is called in, here are simple test to undertake.

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Check toilets

Within water tanks they is always a mark for water level, always water should be on that level for best flushing. If the water is not in that level, adjusting the valve will help a lot. Sometimes a plastic refill can be used to control the flow of water when one flashes. They is usually a chain connected to the flasher. Any sack on it, a sign of failure. Checking your toilets regularly is important; a mirror can be used to check any blockage of toilets rim due to hard water thus leading to obstruction. Use sharp object as a way of clearing the blockage.


Clearing water blockage by use of snake auger is the first step. The type of auger used need to be designed for toilets, these helps avoid tampering with the porcelain of the bowl. Sometimes sewer line may be the cause of blockage thus consults a plumber for more inspection.

Leak verification

Checking of water level marks help to identify if they is a leak in your tank. Use a marked are to check how and how long it takes for water to reduce if its left settled. Sometimes use of food color in the water. If used do not flush the water, if it happens the bowl has a leak, the water will turn its color after sometime. Plumbing vents can also be an issue if the is reduced water levels but no any spillage on the floor. Toilet auger can still be used to siphon off any blockage. The vents are usually a major issue thus one needs to clear them regularly. Debris has always been the cause of the main sewer line thus a lot of water needs to be used for better passage.