How to Decorate a Handicapped Friendly Modern Toilet for Disabled People

The age we live in is an age of modern science and technology. So, to keep pace with the time architects have designed modern design for the physically disabled people, to be more specific for those who are confined to wheelchair or lost their sight. Decorating or designing a toilet for these types of people is not so easy and simple. The furniture and accessories like bath tub, shower, basin etc. of a disabled’s toilet need to be more safe and comfortable than the commons.

A blend of modern and attractive design with safe equipment that can offer easy access to the disabled people is simply great. But while designing, we need to pay special attention to some factors those are to be included and avoided.

Entrance and Exit:

While designing a bathroom for disabled people, we must ensure that the Entrance and Exit is simple, spacious and comfortable. It must be wide enough so that a wheelchair user can easily enter and exit.

Doors and Locks:

Traditional wide open doors or modern sliding or folding doors that can be easily locked and unlocked from both inside and outside is a helpful option when designing for disabled peoples. It can be a safe and secure option for disabled people.

Bathtubs and Showers:

Bathtubs for the physically disabled people are need to be different than the general bathtub. Easy to use and handicapped friendly bathtubs and showers are a must while designing a modern toilet especially for the disabled. Walk-in bathtubs or walk-in showers can be a great option in this regard.

Floor and Walls:

The floor of a disabled toilet must be slip resistant. Ceramic tiles those are roughed finished can be of most useful while designing for disabled. The height of the floor should be kept low as much as possible to ensure smooth movement with wheelchair. The walls of a disabled toilet must me secured with grab rails so that a disabled person can move from one corner to another without any difficulty. The grab rails by the bathtub and toilet must be installed in such a way that can accommodate user’s full weight.

After all, designing a safe and secure bathroom for physically disabled people requires proper planning and thoughtful approach. You can easily design a handicapped friendly, simple and modern looking toilet for physically disabled people following the instructions mentioned above. Remember, every single sections of this article is equally important for designing a toilet for the people with special needs. So, make yourself sure that you have ensured all of these facilities in your bathroom to make it more easily accessible, handicapped friendly and obviously modern looking.