An Effective DIY Bathroom Project

More than just a bathing or showering place your bathroom is one place where you can find serenity and just relax after a long stressful day and of course how you relax and take that stress off is influenced to a greater extent by its state. Naturally, we all feel relaxed amidst clean and beautiful environments and you certainly can turn your bathroom into such place by creating a few changes to your bathrooms’ design to specifically give it the stylish touch of your preference this should not be a complicated task and here are some points to take into consideration.

Diy Bathroom - 1

Create space

Whatever you do remember to create enough free space in your bathroom especially if it’s small keep in mind that a cluttered and overloaded bathroom can never give a modern appeal, you’ll be able to achieve this by doing a few rearrangements and shifting objects standing in open space to isolated corners. Maximize on the already available space by using compressed shelves or in built shelves, items such as towels should always hide in these shelves.

Keep Bathing Simple

Simplify your bathroom by shifting from a traditional bathroom style which is laden with dense colors and decorations that give an impression of a complicated setup. However keep only simple objects such as flower pots in well selected positions. Use neutral colors if possible one light color for your walls and simple design for your floor tiles. In keeping it simple you can also employ a transfer bench or roll in shower.


Keep safety
Number one danger in bathrooms are slippery floors as you engage in this DIY bathroom project you can afford to overlook this concern instead overcome it by making use of textured floor tiles but if you still insist on using smooth tiles then at least employ anti slippery agents to your floor. Install tough and reliable knobs, rails and towel bars that will not easily snap out of place to cause injury.

Easy to use
If a bathroom is to be an ideal stress free haven then remember to install easy to use equipment for everyone including young ones.