Setting up your own kitchen: The basics

Are you looking to remodel your kitchen and design it the way you’ve always wanted? If yes, then with DIY or Do-It-Yourself kitchens, you can accomplish just that with all the customization that you want. One of the best things about DIY kitchens is that it saves you a lot of money, since you perform majority of the installation and setup yourself. It also allows you to be more flexible in terms of your budget and spend more on the products and accessories for your kitchen and almost none on the labor. For some of the best DIY tips while remodeling your kitchen, continue reading.

What to know while gutting your kitchen

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The first thing that most people do is remove cabinets, and it is better to unscrew them from the wall and pull them off rather than using a sledgehammer. This is not only a cleaner way, but also leaves the cabinets in a usable condition.
While disconnecting the sink’s supply lines, chances are that there will be some leftover water which can create a mess. To avoid that, keep a bucket handy to catch it. Similarly, before you use a sledgehammer on a drywall, make a few small holes in the wall to check for electrical or plumbing behind it. A better way to then cut the wall is to use a reciprocating saw, and then use a box fan in a window for sucking out the dust.

Installing hanging cabinets

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To install cabinet doors as well as drawers, remove all of them first so that they are not damaged during installation. Start by placing the upper cabinets first, that too from the corners. For upper cabinets, determine their location relative to the base cabinets. Also, fasten the cabinets to wall studs, and in case there is only one stud in a cabinet, you can use a toggle bolt for securing it. Also, keep track of the plumb as well as levelness while hanging cabinets. Fastening the screws before the cabinets are flush and level would only increase your work.

The most important- finding bargain prices for all products

The best time to shop for appliances is early fall, since that’s when most clearance sales start. Also go to scratch and dent appliance sales, but only purchase appliances which have cosmetic scratches and not structural. Also, if you shop all your appliances from one place, then you may also get volume discount- don’t be shy of asking for it!
These are just a few of the basic tips for setting up your own kitchen with the maximum efficiency- keep visiting back for more!