DIY Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Kitchens are undoubtedly an essential place of every home. It is that one place where every member of the house or guests mingles and gathers. But to do that outside of the home can be very troublesome and tiring. To ensure that the family members and guests re entertained throughout, creating an outdoor kitchen requires much more than simply placing a table and few chairs.

Apart from a unique appeal, the outdoor kitchen also allows you to cook and still stay around your guests, without the need to run to the kitchen inside every now and then. Yes, you can spend thousands of dollars for creating a customized outdoor kitchen, but if you are one of those DIY enthusiast, then we have an amazing basic plan laid out to create a perfect DIY outdoor kitchen.

Diy Outdoor Kitchen - 1

Step 1: Frame

Creating frames made up of steel studs or other material is the first step of creating an outdoor kitchen. The grill dimensions, door openings and other sections need to be accurately measured to create a perfect frame.

Step 2: Finishing Surface

Second thing you need to do is select the substrate of the frame. Cut the substrate, mount them with screws, tape the joints and finish it with the help of a thin-set.

Step 3: Layer on the Finishing Surface

Stucco is the traditional choice for applying on the finishing surface of the outdoor kitchen frame. However, many modern alternatives are available in the market that have better qualities, like enhanced elasticity that allows the surface to contract and expand as per the temperature change.


Step 4: Template of the Countertop

Luan is a highly recommended choice for creating a countertop template. Luan is easy to cut and glued as well. This ability of Luan allows you to easily cut them in any required shape to have accurate cutouts and overhang.

Step 5: Forming of the Countertop

Many materials can be used for countertop forming. Melamine is ideal for countertop forming as it as a super smooth surface that can result in super smooth concrete surfaces for your countertop.

Step 6: Glass Inlay

This is an optional step that can enhance the looks of your outside kitchen. You can use glass pieces of your choice and color to add an attractive touch to the inlay.

Step 7: Pouring of Concrete

You can use many countertop mix available in the market and mix it with the liquid color of your choice. Allow it to cure for a few days and the concrete is then ready for grinding and polishing.

Step 8: Installation

The last step for your DIY outside kitchen is installing the counters, doors, light and other components. You can use the adhesive of your choice to do so. Silicone s an ideal choice for this step.