Bathroom Vanity Countertops with dual sinks

One would ideally wonder why one bathroom should have two sinks. Isn’t one enough?
Hold your thoughts just there. These new age double sink vanities have their fair share of advantages and disadvantages. But before we get into those, let us briefly discuss the different styles of two sink vanities available.

Two sink vanity styles

There are many prefabricated two sink vanities available in the markets now, and these are the easiest to choose and install because of their fixed dimensions. So in other words they are pretty hassle free because what you see is what you get.

One could also opt for custom made vanities, which will be better suited to their owner’s requirements. However, here, one would have to give their time and effort to get it right.

Another style is the two free standing pedestal sinks. These are more suited for those who are not necessarily in need of counter space or storage space for that matter. This style gives your bathroom a nice airy feel.

Finally we have a single sink with a double faucet style. Here the biggest advantage is that this sink while catering to the needs of two people, uses a single drain thus making installation and maintenance easier compared to the rest.

The pros

• The biggest pro is that it really eases morning rush time by providing both partners with their own individual sinks to brush, scrub and wash themselves so there is no unnecessary waiting, pushing or jostling!

• All that extra counter space enables each user to spread out their personal toiletries on their side of the sink thus avoiding unruly fights regarding soap sharing issues or which way a toothpaste should be pressed!

The cons

• The most glaring disadvantage here is the space issue. This type of vanity sink needs ample of space. Space is one of the pre requisites for fitting these. If installed in a small bathroom the entire space can end up looking small and unsightly.

• Installing two sink vanities also turns out to be quite a challenge, right from the plumbing where labor doubles as compared to a single sink to the countertop fitting and finishing since this would require two holes to be cut. However these are all only one time costs.

• Finally, this might not sound like a major con but when pressed for time cleaning two sinks instead of one can be taxing.