Useful Tips for En Suite Bathrooms

En Suite Bathrooms are a great way to complement the look and luxury of a home. En Suite Bathrooms require special attention to style and design as they form a part of your bedroom. The key to a successful en suite bathroom is making the best of the available space. The perfect way is to keep it simple with necessary accessories and furniture.

Consider the following tips before going ahead with your en suite bathroom design:

En Suite Bathroom - 1

Bathroom Essentials

For the perfect en suite bathroom, you should consider installing high quality, stylish and durable essentials like toilet, basin, shower baths and shower enclosures. In addition to these, take care of the bath fittings like bath panels, taps, wastes, towel warmers, storage units, mirrors and cabinets, soap dispensers, toilet roll holders, wall mounting frames and other accessories.

Bathroom Furniture

If you want to give a spacious look to your en suite bathroom, you should consider choosing wall-mounted furniture rather than floor standing. It will not only make it look larger but also increase the physical space as wall mounted furniture is smaller. Wall mounted furniture is created keeping en suite bathrooms in mind.

En Suite Bathroom - 2

Bathroom Accessories

Instead of floor standing accessories, wall mounted bathroom accessories like pedal bin enhance the space and style of the en suite bathroom. You can consider ideas like getting the toilet brush attached to the wall. Installing a towel hook on the back of the door would work better to a bulky towel rack. Using such ideas, you can attempt to achieve free space on the floor to give an uncluttered appearance to the bathroom.

Bathroom Mirror

Mirrors are a great way to add to the style and space in any bathroom. You can place a large designer mirror above or opposite the sink. Mirrors with installed LEDs are available nowadays and these are not only good showpiece but also possess better reflective qualities and relaxing light for better experience.

Depending on the space of your en suite and the styling of your bedroom, you can choose the theme and design for your en suite bathroom. Whether you are interested in a contemporary look or traditional design, choice of appropriate installations and fittings can help you make the perfect en suite for your home.