What Does Fitted Kitchens Mean?

The term is somehow explaining itself, fitted kitchens mean that your kitchen has a standard design which makes it easier to be fitted with equipment. There are three main parts to fit a kitchen, floor units, wall units and appliances. The arrangement of these parts in a fitted kitchen is almost the same, as it follows some standards of design. You have the liberty to change whatever you want, of course, but a fitted kitchen comes as a whole solution for the best utilization of space and components.

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Choosing The Right One

Almost every kitchen designer has his own set of fitted kitchens designs, you can simply go through them and choose the one you like best. The designs vary to meet every taste and need, designers work hard to give you the best solution for your kitchen. There are some templates which focus on giving you more space, while other designs are all about comfort and utilization of every part of the kitchen. The best way is to talk to your designer first about your needs, then he can guide you in the design that suits you the best.

Fitted Kitchens Parts

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Like every kitchen, yours will have three parts: floor units, wall units and appliances. Floor units are of course the ones that are set on your kitchen floor, and they are commonly used for storage and keeping your cooking stuff. Wall units are all about lighter items, like plates, glasses and some cereal boxes and alike. The appliances are the items that can help you in your kitchen, like the stove, oven and the refrigerator. All these parts come together in harmony to give you the fitted kitchens concept.

Some Advice About Choosing

The kitchen is the heart of every house, you spend a lot of time in it. The best and the first advice about it is never to rush, take your time in choosing every detail. Know your needs, do not add stuff that you will not use; just keep it simple and useful. One last thing is to go to a trusted fitted kitchens designer, ask for help from your friends and relatives.