Guide in choosing bathtubs

Bathroom as place of rejuvenation

After the bedroom, bathroom is the second best place at home to find peace and tranquility. Imagine closing your eyes and thinking some aromatherapy and lot of bubbles. You may find yourself soaking in bubbles and warm water. It’s relaxing.

Others sing loudly at the peak of their voice while inside the bathroom because it is where one can free his stress and agony. Bathroom is a private sanctuary for rejuvenation. It is a place for comfort and relaxation. For some, bathroom is a haven for self-reflection and emotional console.

Thus, it is just imperative to make the bathroom a place for personal dreams and fantasies. Adoring it with expensive range of brassware, showers, glass wares and accessories will let you make the closet as your dreamed sanctuary. Elite technology plus luxurious shower designs, can give you complete ornaments in enhancing your private bathing haven.

Factors to be considered

There are many vital factors to think about before choosing the best shower for your dream bathroom, you might also need to take into consideration how much power your shower can release.

Another important factor to be considered is the aura of elegance and design. Free-standing showers have many varieties, shapes, styles, and designs to match you bathrooms space where it can suit your personal styles. Aside from luxury and breath-taking beauty, free-standing shower have a unique magnificent aura, a dynamic but stylish look.

Alternative to freestanding luxurious tubs

An alternative to the freestanding tub is the built-in model. This consists of a ready-made bathtub that is ready to install. Free standing tubs give us various styles to choose from. There are the following types of freestanding tubs.

 Iron cast. These are tubs which are heavy are more expensive. Trending now a days tend to restore the original iron cast tubs to original shinning condition.

 Clawfoot. They have old fashioned legs. Some clawfoot have drilling holes for faucet installation while some have only holes intended for overflow or draining.

 Pedestal. It is an egg-like tubs. Like clawfoot, there is no faucet holes instead, faucets are separately mounted on the wall or floor.

Meanwhile, soaking tubs as an alternative tubs are growing in popularity among spas. These type are deeper tubs that can hold more volume of water. They accommodate more than one person and with more sophisticated water flow system.