Gallery kitchen design ideas

Gallery kitchen designs have some trademarks, and the first one is a design that involves two parallel walls with a slim passage between them. This effective design gives cooks the opportunity to move around in order to be able to access the features on both sides. Mostly, gallery kitchens divide their activities into different areas by side. A side will be for cooking and storing items and appliances, while the other side contain he sinks and the other cleaning resources, along with further storage.

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Brilliant and effective kitchen layout and design ideas

The perfect lighting design can contribute greatly to the opening of a small space, not to talk of making it very much efficient and pleasant avenue for cooking, cleaning and conversing.

How to establish a gallery kitchen lighting design

To establish an efficient lighting design for your kitchen that appears effective and attractive, you will have to keep your attention on the three different types of lighting namely:

Ambient lighting

Task lighting and

Accent lighting


Ambient lighting:

This type of lighting will illuminate the whole gallery kitchen design and scare out any shadow that tends to plague any enclosed and small space which are mostly troublesome for anybody trying to arrange a meal. Ambient lighting means the specific lighting scheme for the space, and it mostly begins with the ceiling lighting. For a kitchen gallery design, ceiling lights that covers the whole length of the kitchen are mostly a great investment.

A single source of light may not cover the entire space because there will be some overlapping fixtures and features.

Track lighting:

Track lighting might appear to be a great solution for a gallery kitchen, especially for modern or contemporary designs, while the old pendant lighting might function for design that seem to be more ancient or vintage-like.

Task lighting:

As for the task lighting, it will cover the entire workstations of the gallery kitchen and ensure cleaning, food preparation and cooking is made easy and safe. Task lighting is gently placed to lighten up different spaces like the stovetop, cutting board, sink or other areas that are used occasionally in the gallery kitchen.

Accent lighting:

Accent lighting can add an inspiring atmosphere to a kitchen gallery design, and it will increasingly brighten and enlarge the space visually.