Will Galley Kitchens Suit Your House?

Well, there are lots of different types of kitchen designs are available. If you visit designer companies, you will find that they already have lots of cool and beautiful designs. Also you can design your own kitchen or change the designs shown to you and make a custom one. Among various kitchen designs, the galley kitchen design is quite a new one. Having this type of kitchen in houses didn’t start ages ago. But the trend of this sort of kitchen isn’t new. Are you confused? You need to know the history behind the name then.

Galley Kitchen - 4


Galley kitchen is the kitchen of ships, launches, trains or aircraft. The name came from the compartment of ships, trains or aircrafts where the chefs used to cook food for the crew and the passengers. That means, the trend came from big vehicles at which people had to travel for a long time. The kitchens on those vehicles were designed in a certain manner. Now lots of household kitchens are designed in that particular manner and that’s why this name is given to the kitchens.


Galley Kitchen - 2

Galley kitchen looks a bit different than the regular kitchens. All the units of this type of kitchen are constructed and installed in a continuous array. The best part of this type of design is, this design uses all the restricted spaces. You won’t have an unused space in your kitchen. Also, you don’t need to move a lot through the units to find the right tools and materials for cooking. This design is best for kitchens that don’t have a lot of space and still needs to occupy many materials. If you have enough space, it is possible to install some cabinets in the upper part of the kitchen; just like a ship galley.


The first ever galley kitchen was introduced almost 100 years ago. The trend didn’t become that much popular on that time. Right now the trend has become really popular and people love this particular design because it enhances the flexibility to work in kitchens.