Granite sink – Worth the investment

Kitchen sinks are the part of the kitchen. A kitchen without a sink is incomplete. Keeping the modern concepts of kitchen decor in minds many different styles of kitchen sinks are available. It is not as like the previous time when choosing a kitchen sink was never a big deal as there were very few options available at that time. But things have change today, and one can find enormous collection of kitchen sinks differing in style, shape, sizes, material etc.

Advantages of granite kitchen sink


Granite sink looks beautiful and matches with the granite countertops. It gives a beautiful appearance make the kitchen look stylish and modern.


Granite kitchen sinks come in different shapes and sizes. They are very flexible and versatile and are to suit the needs and comfort of the user. It can be customer to match with the decor and other fixtures in the kitchen as per your requirement.


Their natural color will last for many years to come. It does not fade its color when exposed to heat. It has heat resistance and can be used to place hot kitchenware’s on them.

Easy maintenance:

It is easy to clean and maintain it.


It is very sturdy and solid.

Disadvantages of granite kitchen sink:


Granite is very heavy as compared to other materials. The installation of the granite kitchen sinks requires the help and services of a professional.


It is very expensive to construct a granite sink. Only skilled experienced professionals can deal with the construction of granite sinks as one needs to be very careful while making it.


Though granite is very strong its features are similar to glass. Granite is very delicate and fragile. It can break easily when a heavy object is placed on it.

Stains and scratches:

Granite can be stained easily. They should be handled with care while cleaning them. If stained one should use a stain cleaner to clean it. Also one should not be harsh and never use any sharp object as the scratches will look ugly.

Comparison between stainless steel and Granite

If compared between the two, granite would be the best option due to its features and advantages. Stainless steel is less cheap as compared to granite but they both have their own advantages and disadvantages.