Handicap Toilets for Disabled People

Handicap toilets are special toilets particularly designed for disabled people who can use it with a little or without any assistance. People in a wheelchair may find very difficult to use the toilet and transferring between the toilet seat and wheelchair can be a challenging task. The handicap toilets are created to assist the needed individuals with a bars and space to hold and grab during transfers.

Legal requirements:

In some countries, there is a law for the public restroom to make sure to provide a toilet facility for handicapped. In the US, the law declares that new buildings must build a compulsory ADA standards toilet accessibility. In the UK, the EA21010 (Equality Act) requires businesses and organizations to make regulations to meet the requirements of disabled people.

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Handicap Toilets

Proposals emerging in legal requirements:

Here you can find some important proposals and legal requirements for the common public in using the public toilet facilities, in which they must provide a toilet for handicapped with the universal design. All the public structures must follow the rules including:

– Must provide a high toilet for wheelchair people with grab bars or handles to grab and pull to transfer from a wheelchair to the toilet.

– Must provide an emergency alarm, which can be reached easily with a flashing red-light and a buzzer.

– Must provide easily reachable sink and hand dryers for handicapped individuals.

– Must provide wide doors, which give more space to a wheelchair to move freely.

More floor space and Raised toilet for Handicap Toilets:

Handicap toilets require more floor space than the normal toilet, space is also helpful for other disabled people not necessarily the wheelchair users, but they still require some little assistance. Raised toilets can be very helpful to elderly people, and for also to the individuals who find difficult to stand up and use the standard toilet. Raised toilet seats are also called as toilet risers and elevated toilet seats, these raised toilet seats come with or without any grab holders. Toilet risers are very helpful for people who had hip replacement surgery as it allows the individuals to use the toilet without bending too much.

Raised toilet seats are available in elongated or round shapes, it is significant to determine and measure the shape of your toilet before buying. Safety frame is also equally important for handicapped as they assist the protection when the disabled person uses the bathroom. You can also find toilet risers with arms, but the best option is to buy safety frame that comes with leg rods, which provides more stability and support.