There are commodes available for disabled persons called as healthcare commodes. They consist of handicap commodes, commodes having chair, and many more. They can also be called handicapped portable toilets. They can be placed anywhere beside us or besides our bed. There is no need to make our way to bathroom. These commodes are very helpful for disabled persons. Also some of these commodes are attached with wheelchair, power lift and other models which are apt for different needs.

There is a handicap commode also on which there is padded seat fitted and can also be converted to chair for moving here and there. It has the feature of drop arm for transferring patients safely from one place to another. It is a wheelchair having such commode that it can be easily removed without giving any trouble to patient.

Handicapped Toilets - 1


Toilets which are designed for the people who are handicapped or having some physical disability are called accessible toilets.

There are some countries where it is compulsory to have accessible toilets in the public places for example in countries like USA and the United Kingdom, it is compulsory to have these toilets according to ADA standards.

The most common toilets made in public areas are the wheelchair toilets with the handle on the seat for easiness.
These toilets should be more spacious as they need more space so that it becomes easy to move the wheelchair. Apart from wheelchair users, it is also useful for the people who need assistance of someone.


Toilets with raised seat are useful for the person having difficulty in standing up or the person who is handicapped. Toilets with raised seats are also called as lifted seat toilets. These are available with or without the arm support. These elevated seat toilets reduces the distance one covers when people have to bend for getting on and off the commode which is very critical for patients who have experienced severe hip transplant or surgery or people with temperamental, excruciating or weak hips. It also helps in safety for the disabled persons as it reduces the chances of falling down from the toilet seat.

Some elevated toilets have legs also to help the patients to lower down or getting up from the toilet seat. The seats of these toilets are adjustable. They can be adjusted according to the height of the person.