Update your Kitchen with High Gloss Kitchens

High Gloss Kitchens

Having a high gloss kitchen is a popular trend nowadays that came initially from Europe. Giving the kitchen a high gloss finish makes it look shiny and attractive. Earlier you could get a high gloss kitchen only if you have lots and lots of cash to spare. But today, because of the advancement in technology, the high gloss finish is available across all price points. This article will tell you all you need to know about high gloss kitchens.

High gloss kitchens are here to stay. They create a beautiful contrast especially when teamed with darker surfaces that reflect. Regardless of whether you choose a black or a white high gloss look your kitchen is sure to look chic and modern. Following are the features of high gloss kitchens:

  • Moisture resistant – High gloss contains acrylic resins and is great for moist environments. Kitchens are usually witness to spills and often accumulate steam and grease. Since acrylic does not absorb moisture, it does not get deformed and thus ensures that frequent repairs and maintenance is not needed.
  • Solid colored – The manufacturing process of high gloss ensures that the color which you want in the high gloss is uniformly spread throughout the material. As a result you can cut and mold any part of the material surface without ever having to worry about exposing the sides. Also, high gloss kitchen retain their color in spite of scratches.
  • Cost effective – High gloss materials are not as costly as you would expect them to be, but even when you are done installing, you will not have to spend much on its maintenance. It does not require any kinds of touch ups as well.

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High Gloss Kitchens

You can achieve the high gloss look for your kitchen in the following ways:

  • Classic approach – By simultaneously applying paint and a high gloss lacquer to wooden cabinets you can achieve the desired high gloss look. Ensure that you hire professionals for this to acquire a uniform sheen. However, this is quite prone to surface defects and therefore you need to look at other better options.
  • Solid acrylic panels – This material ensures high level of gloss throughout the material, and allows for easy refinishing and repair. Moreover, acrylic panels are waterproof and also don’t turn yellow due to sun exposure.
  • Laminates – Traditional laminates such as TFM and HPL both offer high gloss finishes through a technique called Technical HotCoating. Laminates are resistant to water and to scratches.