How To Design A Kitchen

Ideas on how to design a kitchen

In the design of kitchens, the adjustment of the kitchen environment for the user is one of the key starting points in ergonomics. Nothing is more annoying than feeling uncomfortable pain on your back caused by a poorly designed kitchen. The routing in the kitchen design is very important for good ergonomics. The various functions in the kitchen should be efficiently done and planned according to a system.

Below are some of the ideas that can help you with how to design a kitchen:

  • Adequate workspace: Get plenty of worktop space. In particular, the work surface between the cooker top and the sink is widely used in the rule. Minimum space is 60 cm. but this also depends on the available kitchen space. Make sure this workspace can remain free. Reserve a place for fixed devices on the worksheet. Immediately think carefully where sockets should be for general use, so that the devices can actually stand on this spot on the kitchen counter.
  • A kitchen with a center island A kitchen with island can be a good solution to integrating a kitchen design with the modern trends. However, not every room is suitable for a design with cooking island. It is therefore important to know if your kitchen space can accommodate a kitchen island. The distance between a wall of the kitchen and cooking island is ideally 120 cm. but there should also be a waiver of less than 90 cm.
  • The ideal working height in the kitchen: The height of the kitchen worktop is an important aspect when designing a kitchen or buying one. Measure the height of your current kitchen once and determine whether it works really well for you. Decide who the main users of the kitchen will be, so that the working height can be adjusted to these people‚Äôs heights.
    • The oven at eye level: If there is enough room for tall standing cupboards, then an oven or microwave should be set at eye level. Plan an oven, moreover, not too high, with an open oven door you should still easily and safely take a dish from the oven. Eye level oven has advantages; think of additional safety with children but also the ease of use for yourself, because you do not have to bend down to pick something from the hot oven.

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How To Design A Kitchen

  • Where do I place the refrigerator in the kitchen design? How often do you use the refrigerator each day? More often than you think. Place the refrigerator at the right height whenever possible. To create a good overview of the complete contents of the refrigerator make sure you use the contents of the refrigerator efficiently. Of course, placing a refrigerator at a height that is too high is not ergonomic.