Simple steps to install kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are the most important part of the kitchen’s interior. Though the installation of these cabinets is not so hard, not everyone can do it. A skilled labor is preferred for the job as the installation needs to be done properly. Keep in mind that the durability of a kitchen cabinet directly depends on the way it was installed. Any loose fitting will result in further damage of the cabinet. This is not a one man task, you need a strong helper too. So even if you know how to install these kitchen cabinets, make sure that you have proper equipments and a helper before starting the job. If you don’t want to hire skilled workers here are some steps you can follow to install kitchen cabinets properly.

How To Install Kitchen Wall Cabinets - 1

Plan the space available:

Make a layout that suits your purpose, so that proper utilization of the space can be done. Make a layout for you cabinets, the layout does not need to be very clear, just a rough layout will do. Cabinets under the sink, cabinet above the stove and the corner cabinets need more care. The cabinet above the stove should be at a proper height.

Make sure that you have all required equipments:

You should have proper tools like screw driver, hammer etc., for the job. Use the screw driver to unscrew all the screws from the cabinet doors.

How To Install Kitchen Wall Cabinets - 2

Installing upper cabinets first:

To install the upper cabinets you need to assemble the cabinets but do not assemble the door. The door will be attached at the end of the installation. With the help of the helper, hold the cabinet at the desired height and drill holes in the cabinets and wall and screw it with the help of screw drivers.

Installing lower cabinets:

Installation of lower cabinets is a little easier than upper cabinets and you may not need helper for lower cabinets. Make sure to make holes for wiring that you may need in future. Add the adjoining cabinet first then go for other cabinet.