Refinish your old kitchen cabinets easily

Do you have kitchen cabinets that are old and looking dull? If you have been planning to replace your old kitchen cabinets, then refinishing them yourself will be the cheapest way to do so. Just follow some simple steps to remodel your old kitchen cabinets that look like new modern cabinets.

How To Refinish Kitchen Cabinets - 1

Steps to easily refinish your kitchen cabinets

The first step is to start removing all the doors of the kitchen cabinets, the handles, hinges and everything off the kitchen cabinets. The cabinet boxes can stay in their places and need not be removed from the walls. Saw horses can be kept handy in your place as they will be helpful in the process.

The next step will be to strip off the old colors and paints from the cabinet doors. Make sure that dirt and dust doesn’t fall on the cabinet doors during the process. You will require a paint and varnish remover to remove the stains easily from the kitchen cabinet doors. Also a knife or scrapper must be used to scrap away tough paints from the doors.

Make use of safety glasses, rubber gloves to handle the paintbrush easily while staining the doors and also to avoid the scraps and stains from contact with your eyes. Other things like toothbrush rags, newspapers, etc. will also be helpful to cover the remaining areas of the kitchen.

Once the paints have all been removed, use mineral spirits to wipe the wood of the cabinet doors. This would ensure a smooth surface of the cabinet that enables easier refurbishing. Use sand papers to get rid of any uneven surfaces or smaller areas of paints. Wipe off the cabinets with a moist rag and later allow it to dry in the air.

Now that the kitchen cabinet doors have been made ready to apply new stains and colors that you prefer, paint the cabinet doors with a brush or applicator to coat them with the new colors. Apply some extra coats of the paint as per the requirements after which the stain must be slightly rubbed using steel wool. This can finally be followed by coating the doors with a sealer. Allow the sealer applied to dry completely.

Your new refinished kitchen cabinet doors are now ready to be attached back in your kitchen. Fix them all together and place the doors on the cabinets in your kitchen. The pulls or handles of the cabinet can be replaced for a more newer and modern look.