Small bathroom ideas

By colorless color schemes, bold patterns in cheerful hues and smart space planning, small designer bathrooms maximize the styles in even a small space. Some of the things that the old house lovers are intimate with are- not-so-perfect plumbing, drafty windows, squeaky floors and the small bathrooms. The new bathrooms however are double the size as compared to the ones that were 30 years ago. Those were usually the size of about 5 by 8 feet.

But there’s nothing to worry about. You can affray the distress by scaling down to save the space physically. And with the right lighting and colors, you can make the deception of a roomy bath.

Ideas For Small Bathrooms - 1

Designing a small bathroom

Designing a small bathroom may be a difficult task to take on. But the limited space can prove to be a great challenge for you too. Having a functional and a bathroom that is storage- friendly could be exactly the things that your house needs. With the time that you spend in your bathroom, you must make sure that it has only the elements which are functional and makes your bathroom experience time-saver.

Storage in small bathrooms

You can have open shelves for showcasing your textured and colorful towels instead of the large furniture storages. This will give warmth and wonderful colors to your bathroom space and remove the unwanted huge pieces of furniture.


• Keep the floating shelves stacked to keep your storage in a stylish way.
• Colorful designer storage ladder displays great space for storing containers and also showcase your personality.
• Skirting of the sink adds flare and helps in hiding away the cleaning products.
• You can stack the wooden crates, or drill them into the wall or just place them on the ground for easy access to the storage.

Color pops

A substitute to painting is to ass color pops by displaying colorful hand-towels, adding dynamic and peppy bathroom tiles, placing rugs in the bathroom or hanging robs to make your own flair and ambiance.

You can hang colorful robes and towels to add colorful blaze.