Installing Kitchen Cabinets on your own

Installing Kitchen Cabinets

So you are one of the do it yourself kind of people? You have started your kitchen remodel and are almost finished with it except installing cabinets. While it is not an easy job, if you follow instructions carefully and do everything one step at a time, installing kitchen cabinets would seem like just any other thing. This article will give you step by step instructions on installing kitchen cabinets:

      1. Get your tools ready – Before you start anything make sure you have all the tools that you will need for this job such as 4` level, stud finder, pencil, tape measure, clamps, screw gun, screws, wood shims and of course cabinets.
      2. Measurements and markups – Measure the height of your cabinets and draw a horizontal line that will be a guiding line for you to hang your cabinets. You can use a level to make sure the line is parallel to the floor. Find the studs using a stud finder and keep close attention on the location of electrical wiring and plumbing.

Installing Kitchen Cabinets

    1. Ledger board securing – Once you have marked your wall studs, you will need to secure a support on the wall that will carry the weight of the cabinets temporarily.

Installing Kitchen Cabinets - 2

  1. Hanging the wall cabinets – Make sure you remove all hardware and doors from the cabinets before hanging them to make them lighter and easier to lift and hang. Use clamps to fix two cabinets and make sure the front side of the cabinets are flush. Secure the cabinets with screws and attach them on the ledger support making sure you check for plumb and level at all times. You may need to shim the cabinets if needed. Now screw the cabinets into the wall. Repeat the same process for all the cabinets.
  2. Attaching doors and other hardware – Once you are finished hanging all the cabinets on the wall you may attach the doors and other hardware on the cabinets.
  3. Remove ledger board – Once the doors are in place you can remove the ledger board.
  4. Install the base cabinets – Measure the cabinets and again draw a horizontal line using a level. Use a stud finder to locate studs in the wall like you did for wall cabinets. Repeat the same process that was used for installing wall cabinets making sure you attach the cabinets without doors and handles first. Only once you have installed all the base cabinets you can attach the doors and other hardware to complete the look.

If you follow these steps, you will be able to install your cabinets easily.