Designing the kitchen

Kitchen is an integral part of the house which makes the feeding place of the family. It can be suitably called the heart and soul of the home where the family meets in the morning and evening, eats and bonds together. Thus, when it comes to designing the kitchen should be appropriate according to one’s lifestyle. What steps should be taken to get an ideal kitchen designed are listed below:-


It is important to measure the size of the kitchen, walls, floors, doors properly. Also the positions of the ventilator, radiators, shafts and pipe should be duly noted.

Interior Decoration Of Kitchen - 1


Next comes the planning stage. It is important to plan and know what all you need in the kitchen so that there are no mistakes in the later stage. For e.g. one should know where to keep the fridge, where would the stove be positioned. It is better to divide the kitchen area into three work zones. The work zones are: – storage for fridge, freezer; washing for sink, dishwasher; cooking for oven and cooktop. The positions of these work zones and the distance between them forms a working triangle. Sink, range and refrigerator usually form the three points of the working triangle. A good working triangle helps in moving quickly between different work zones leading to completing different tasks efficiently. The sum of the three sides of the working triangle should not be more than 26 feet, because if it’s more than this then the products are too far away.

Choosing the right products

The next phase is choosing the right products according to the measurement of the kitchen and the requirements of the user. The products that can be considered essential to one’s kitchen are:- Cabinets & drawers, Doors and handles, worktops, sinks, taps, oven, Microwave oven, hob, hood, fridge, dishwasher. The products can be chosen from the design magazines, shows or by taking suggestions from a friend. The different variety of products would be available on the manufacturer’s websites and stores. Dwelling into them would give an immense variety to choose from according to the budget.


After you have chosen the products it is time to install them which can be done by the customer by the using the installation guide or by the using the help of skilled workers.